How Changing Your Work Environment Can Enhance Productivity – Remote Working

Working remotely has advantages and disadvantages. Take it from someone (like me) who‘s been doing it for a few years now. Some people might be wondering how remote workers manage tasks without a constant office presence for supervision. However (and I’m saying this based on experience), one of the things I recommend when working remotely is by switching up your work location – a change in scenery that enhances your productivity. 

Changing locations to work can have both positive and negative effects on productivity, depending on various factors. Here are some ways in which this strategy can potentially increase task accomplishment and provide more benefits in return:


  1. Fresh Environment: A new location can provide a fresh and stimulating environment that can help break the monotony of the usual workspace. This change can lead to increased creativity and a renewed sense of motivation.

  1. Reduced Distractions: If your current workspace (such as working at home), is filled with distractions or interruptions, moving to a new location can eliminate those distractions and provide a quieter, more focused environment.

  1. Change of Routine: A location change can disrupt established routines. This disruption can be beneficial as it prompts you to reevaluate your workflow, habits, and processes. Sometimes, a change in routine can lead to improved time management and task prioritization.

  1. Inspiration and Creativity: Different environments can spark new ideas and perspectives, leading to increased creativity and innovation. Being in a new place can expose you to different cultures, people, and experiences that can influence your work positively.

  1. Networking Opportunities: Working from a new location can provide opportunities to connect with new people, whether they are colleagues, clients, or professionals in your industry. These connections can lead to collaborations, partnerships, or new business prospects.

  1. Reduced Burnout: A new environment can offer a break from the routine that may be contributing to burnout. It allows you to recharge and return to work with a clearer mindset and renewed energy.

  1. Personal Comfort: Sometimes, a change of location can provide a more comfortable and ergonomic workspace, which can lead to improved focus and reduced physical strain.

  1. Variety in Workspaces: Different locations offer various types of workspaces, such as co-working spaces, coffee shops, libraries, or even outdoor settings. These options can cater to different working styles and preferences, enhancing productivity.

However, it’s important to note that changing locations may also come with challenges that could potentially hinder productivity. 


  1. Unfamiliarity: Adjusting to a new environment might take time, causing a temporary dip in productivity as you get used to the new setup.

  1. Logistical Issues: Moving to a new location can involve logistical challenges, such as setting up new equipment, dealing with internet connectivity issues, and adjusting to a new daily routine.

  1. Isolation: Depending on the new location, you might experience isolation if you’re away from your usual colleagues or support network.

  1. Lack of Resources: Not all locations offer the same level of resources, amenities, or facilities that you may be accustomed to, which could impact your efficiency.

  1. Distractions in New Environment: While a new location can reduce certain distractions, it could introduce new ones. For instance, working from a coffee shop might expose you to noise or unpredictable disruptions.

  1. Cost Considerations: Some new locations may come with increased costs, such as travel expenses or membership fees for co-working spaces, which could impact your overall productivity if you’re worried about finances.

There are so many options to break away from your typical setting for work, including coffee shops, co-working spaces, or even booking an Airbnb, ultimately determined by your personal preference.

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Going back to our topic, if you’re feeling a little tired of working from home, try changing locations to provide you with a fresh environment, reduced distractions, and a new sense of creativity. Who knows…this might just be a change you need to avoid burnout. Just make sure to consider the potential challenges and plan accordingly to establish a smooth transition and maintain your overall efficiency.

Enjoy working!

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12 thoughts on “How Changing Your Work Environment Can Enhance Productivity – Remote Working”

    1. It’s really helpful to be outside sometimes and be surrounded by other people. It gives you a different sense of energy. I saw your blog and read your article by the way. I Loved it!

  1. My new dream is a remote job. I’ve just been feeling like if I am going to have to sell my labor for eight hours a day, at least let me switch up the environment! Great post

  2. I love working at other places! Both on a different desk at the office and in a coffee shop nearby. Even though there can be more noise, I still notice I am very productive there when I do it once in a while

    1. Me too. It’s different when you’re surrounded by other people while working. It really gives you that certain boost to be productive.

  3. Personally, I get a boost of motivation whenever I pull out my laptop either at a library or cafè! Environments have such a great power on our productivity level 🙂

  4. I have found that moving spots in my workplace has increased my productivity. I only do it once or twice a week but it is quite effective. It’s so interesting why this happens. Thanks for sharing!

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